Aleks Kontr



Aleks Kontr, originally from Vladivostok, the Capital of Russian Far East.

While he studies Japanese philology and literature in Far East Government University, he was granted to attend arts lessons in Institute of Art.

Upon the arrival in USA Aleks Kontr began painting series of artworks called as FUSION IN STYLE.

Aleks Kontr art works fascinated with the smart, provocative, attractive of erotic world. Unspeakable viewers get the impression from his image, in the style of erotic surrealism. Spectators striking lateral thinking and perception of beauty modern women and men.

Aleks Kontr — an artist who manages to dissect the inner world of thoughts and desires, sometimes "dark", the modern man. Everything flows and changes - but the feelings, the emotions, the inner "EGO" remains unchanged for millions of years. And it's the same - the possession and contemplation of the beauty of Erotica.

Pictures of Aleks Kontr show all shades of sexuality — from soft nudes to sophisticated eroticism. The style is noticeable that the artist draws and admires outrageous, and not without reason, Aleks believes that this erotic sur love by viewers.

A distinctive feature of Aleks Kontr is that in his pictures a lot of postmodern game: he quotes and exaggerates the classical and contemporary works of painting and photography.

Artworks of Aleks Kontr look like a manifesto. Their composition is in perpetual motion. They are remembered and recognized by all in the context of exhibitions and interiors. And the joy of recognition is always content with surprise by the new discoveries and ideas that brought with every new work of Aleks Kontr.

The sense of shock from such a frank art goes pretty quickly, and on the contemplation of images already mesmerizing, and the picture is adjusted to the highest point of aesthetic pleasure.

Therefore Aleks Kontr art immediately wins the hearts and attention of the audience magnetism of his talent.

His artworks are full vibrant and intensive energy, erotic beauty, and stylistic originality that they stand to many of his collectors as truly supreme masterpiece in world's art.

The New York Magazine asked him in an interview:
  “Don’t you think is overdose of Attractive Erotic World in your Artworks?”

and my answer was:
  “Nudity Save the World!”

Aleks Kontr works are in private collections in Russia, America, Japan, China, Korea.